Monica Marcella

Handmade adornments using recycled high karat metal and ethically sourced gems.

A New Wedding Ring (part 1)

Monica Marcella Guerra

I had a client approach me who lost her wedding ring soon after the wedding. It just disappeared. She's very responsible and hasn't ever lost anything like this before, so it seemed strange to everyone that she seemed to have misplaced it. She tore apart her house a couple of times, checked behind all the drawers and after much waiting and looking finally understood that maybe that specific ring was not meant to be. It's been about 4 years and she's ready to move on to a new ring. I was so thrilled to begin work on this new beautiful representation of their marriage. . . 

Happy Holidays!!

Monica Marcella Guerra

I wanted to share a heartfelt message of thanks to all of you! The holiday season is such a special time to connect with family and friends, I'm wishing all of you nothing but warm hugs and hot cocoa! This holiday season I have been busy readying gifts for my family and making new beauties for my retailers.

My Jewelry Is Coming Home!

PressMonica Marcella Guerra

I have lived in a few cities and my jewelry is shown in a variety of places, but we all know nothing feels as sweet as a little hometown love. For me home is the city of angels.I am very happy to announce that my first Los Angeles gallery (third in California) is now carrying Monica Marcella jewelry -- just in time for the holidays! 

The Cabochon: A Love Story

Industry CommentaryMonica Marcella Guerra

...not all gems are built like a diamond, and so they should not always be cut like one. And if you think so too, you're not alone. History agrees. Take a look at the rings of royalty throughout history, and you'll see masterfully polished, rounded colored gems. Saturated sapphires and aquamarines set in magnificent golden adornments were the norm for millennia. The mineral structures of a beryl (emerald, aquamarine, morganite) are completely different from those of a corundum (sapphire and ruby). Because of that, light will behave differently once it enters the gem. The cutter should take this into account. What has happened over time is that cuts from the diamond chart have been applied to the crystal structures of other gems and it almost seems like putting antlers on a bear. 

Creating Wedding Bands: Video!

Monica Marcella Guerra

It is one of the great privileges of my work to be able to hand craft wedding bands for my clients. I learned a phrase from my husband -- to kvelland it is totally what I feel when seeing the the custom wedding bands I made so wonderfully photographed on the day of the nuptials. And I beam with pride when I see these symbols of enduring commitment exchanged between lovers

Weekend with a Master

Monica Marcella Guerra

Susan invited my husband and I to stay at her wonderful beach cottage in Connecticut for a weekend. So my husband and I packed our bathing suits, picked up a few steaks, and headed up the coast. What we found there was pure inspiration. Breakfast in the gazebo looking out onto Duck Island will be a cherished memory.