Monica Marcella

Handmade adornments using recycled high karat metal and ethically sourced gems.

Wedding Jewelry Story

Behind the ScenesMonica Marcella Guerra

My wedding was the best day of my life. The photos are so rich with emotional information and there isn't a stranger in any picture. My husband and I both admit that we could've gotten married any which way and it would've been a seminal moment. But to have had a day to surround ourselves with the most meaningful people we each know, was a gift to ourselves that we cherish every time we open the albums to think back.

Inviting your closest friends and relatives to be present for your union is itself a gift to both yourself and the guests. For my bridesmaids, it was very important for me to find a way to go the extra mile and make them understand how special they were to that day and to my life.

Bridal Earrings were the best way to go for me. The bridal party was wearing shades of pink as were the groomsmen ties. I called my gem dealers and perused all the rose quartz they had for matches to each girl. Then I took all my new beautiful stones to the bench and worked on something for each of my lady's personality and shape. Adorning bodies with gems and precious metals from the earth is my passion and I felt warm inside the entire time making jewelry for my dearest friends. 

The morning of the wedding when my bridesmaids opened their gifts, I received the greatest gift of smiles and tears from each bridesmaid. What I put in to the earrings immediately came back to me in love and kindness. And every picture I look at with those ladies and their earrings adds just another level of happiness to my memories of the event. 

Of course I made myself a pair of lemon quartz earrings in 18k, because for myself I wanted to wear sunshine on top of sunshine to go with the white dress and pink flowers in my hair. And for my man, who is a photographer, I took an image of us he made, and converted it into gold silhouette cuff links for him. Sharp!

This isn't so much a jewelry pitch, that's just what I make. This is more of a support of any custom made gifting for the wedding party. Whatever you choose to do for your wedding party, make sure it is from the heart. Let your bridesmaids know how much they mean to you and the love you get back from them will be the second best part of your wedding day!

Love, Monica