Monica Marcella

Handmade adornments using recycled high karat metal and ethically sourced gems.

Valentine's Afterglow!

Behind the ScenesMonica Marcella Guerra

I hope your day was filled with love! Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays! Love deserves to be celebrated on a regular basis but to have one day dedicated to telling loved ones how you feel is such a treat.  

I feel so fortunate that I was able to help so many show their love through pieces of jewelry this year. I had so many beautifully considerate commissions for friends, parents, and of course lovers, that I couldn't help but write this to thank all of you for your thoughtfulness. I truly love my job!

This year my sweet husband and I took a little Valentine's Day trip to Korakia in Palm Springs, California. Lounging by the salt water pools and snacking on oranges they grow on the premises was exactly what I needed after working hard in the studio. Remember to treat yourselves everybody!



Arrival at Korakia... 


Oranges, blue skies, and palms!


Good morning sunshine! The fountain outside our window at Korakia Pensione.