Monica Marcella

Handmade adornments using recycled high karat metal and ethically sourced gems.

Starring in the Lone Star State (New Store Announcement)

Monica Marcella Guerra
Monica Marcella Szor

My visits to Texas have always been so wonderful, and I left feeling awe inspired each time. The people of the Lone Star State are so kind and genuine, that I couldn't be happier to announce that Monica Marcella adornments are now available in Dallas, Texas at Szor Collections!

szor collections gallery

Szor Collections is a wonderful family run jewelry gallery and they are some of the finest curators in the nation. It makes me so proud to be next to a roster of amazing jewelry artists, and to be represented by such charming and wonderful people who love handmade fine jewelry. 

For those of you who already know Szor, but are just meeting my line, here is a little background. Born in Los Angeles with a native Texan for a Grandma, I completed my bachelors at Cal State Long Beach, and then earned a Masters in metalsmithing and jewelry design at UMass Dartmouth. My work is almost all one of a kind, and is handmade by my own two hands. I work in 18 karat yellow gold because I just love sunshine and want that color all around me, pretty much all of the time. One of my favorite parts of my day is watching a piece go from an idea to actual jewelry in front of my eyes. I also have become a total gem nerd and I love to work with so many different types of stones along with the big four (diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, and rubies). Nature provides so many color and shape varieties, and I just love using my jewelry craft to frame these wonderful stones for a wearable work of natural art.

I make the best efforts to ensure that my metals are sustainable and the gems are all natural, and ethically mined. There is more info in my bio, but welcome to Monica Marcella and I hope you enjoy the line.