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Handmade adornments using recycled high karat metal and ethically sourced gems.

My Jewelry Is Coming Home!

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I have lived in a few cities and my jewelry is shown in a variety of places, but we all know nothing feels as sweet as a little hometown love. For me home is the city of angels.I am very happy to announce that my first Los Angeles gallery (third in California) is now carrying Monica Marcella jewelry -- just in time for the holidays! 

Moondance Jewelry Gallery is located at 1530 Montana Ave.

Moondance Jewelry Gallery is located at 1530 Montana Ave.

Moondance is a phenomenal store that I've loved from afar. The gallery is situated perfectly in the very heart of Santa Monica on Montana Avenue. It is also just one little teensy mile from the Pacific coast beaches I grew up on. I am just over the moon!

It is fitting that my handmade jewelry, which I make heavy on the gold dust because of my love of sunshine, should have a home in the most golden part of the Golden State.

I would just like to express my deepest gratitude to Moondance and I'm so excited to have a place to send all of my friends and family nearby.

For those of you who are already Moondance clients and just getting to know me . . . Hi! 

Here is a little bit about my line. All the jewelry is handmade by me using recycled metal, mostly 18 karat yellow gold, and only genuine and natural gemstones. In a year, I may make as many as 90 unique pieces, crafted to last lifetimes. Tradition and timelessness both carry great meaning for me, so I do love making heirloom quality adornments. Being sustainable in my profession requires only a small effort, but an important one in my book. That is why I use reclaimed gold, and work with gem dealers who adhere to strict ethical sourcing standards.

What a marvelous night for a moon dance!

Love, Monica.



What a marvelous night for a Moondance!

What a marvelous night for a Moondance!