Monica Marcella

Handmade adornments using recycled high karat metal and ethically sourced gems.


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Behind the ScenesMonica Marcella Guerra

After removing the 1.3 carat oval conflict free diamond from its setting I began fabricating a sterling silver model for my client to try on. I wanted to make sure that this ring nested perfectly with her existing wedding band so I felt that fabricating a model would be a more precise fit. After her approval of the fit and comfort I was able to mold

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Behind the ScenesMonica Marcella Guerra

I wanted to take a moment to talk about this special commission I had the opportunity to make. A client came to me and asked if I could update her engagement ring. She felt that the prongs were not conducive to her daily life and now preferred the clean aesthetic of a bezel. She also wanted to change from 14k white gold to 18k yellow gold.